A Funny Story

A friend of mine relayed an event that he was witness to. While waiting in line at a well known fish and chip/takeaway shop in Tauranga, the lady a few places in front was asked for her order. In spite of the prominent and detailed menu board her reply was, "I haven't made up my mind yet". In a fashion reminiscent of Fawlty Towers, the owner ordered her to the back of the line.

Just yesterday I rocked into my local coffee shop for a tasty beverage. When asked what I wanted I asked for the drinks menu as there was none on display. The person serving announced that "Most customers know what they want". That made me feel rather inadequate and far from a valued customer. To test the staff member I was going to ask for a double dose Hot Chocolate Frappe with a shot of Turkish Delight, 3 mils of Oat milk and a teaspoon of Oyster Sauce. I chickened out, ordered a cappachino and took the opportunity to hand over our business card with a quick explanation of our personalised menu boards.