Playing to the Rules

Play the Game, Obey the Rules

I had a customer moaning about not being allowed to race, and can I please fix his dirt bike numbers. As previously mentioned I'm not a great follower of the rules, but, (..and it is a big but) there are occasions where you just can't get around them.
In sign writing 2 standout circumstances are 1- Motorsport 2- Aviation
Motorsport: If you have been involved in motorsport and been scrutineered you will be well aware of the requirements surrounding vehicle race numbering and the arguments and 'toys out of the cot' meltdowns. Every branch has a handbook that details the size, shape, colour and placement. Sign writers get repeat work from people trying to bend the rules.
Aviation: There is certainly no wiggle room on this front. The NZCAA clearly states the rules in the Part 47. No comply = No fly.
I have been involved in aircraft maintenance for 40 years and can not emphasise enough how important it is to not let muppets near an aircraft. There are fragile bits, sensors and trim tabs that can succumb to heavy handedness.
I witnessed a sign writer trimming a graphic on an aircraft with a craft knife which later resulted in a costly repair to the skin.
If you are looking for a sign writer on these occasions, make sure they are aware of the compliance issues or simply ring us.
Bravo Yankee Echo.