When Cheap is the wrong option

Called to a sign emergency...well not really an urgent emergency but one where the old signs looked shabby and a re-think was in order.

Not all signage materials are created equal, as is, not all sign situations are created equal.  Sign board and the vinyl stick on lettering has a life span.  Vinyl is rated in years from 6 months to 7-10 years. New Zealand is reputed for having the nastiest climate for these products,  Of course the better the quality the higher the price.

We always use the best 7-10 year vinyl on vehicles and aircraft because it is easier to work with and the environment it has to perform in can be quiet harsh.  

The images I have attached show static signs that have seen better times.  This is because the vinyl was simply not rated for longevity.  Saving a few dollars by using 3 year rated vinyl is false economy.  I can ramble on about signs we did in Hamilton that are 18+ years old and still looking good.  There is a place for the cheaper vinyl's which is normally the short term promotional market.

Washing your signs down each year will a few drops of dish liquid in a bucket of water will make them last a little bit longer too.